The Can't Find List

The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible 1986
The Nativity 1987

While I managed to locate these two films named as they were, it did not take me
long to realize they were the same thing but listed on IMDB as two separate films.

Potato Head Kids 1986

Could not even locate a hint of it anywhere!

Popeye and Son 1987

Managed to locate two episodes but since I was never a Popeye fan, I could not even
stand to watch/study as to who Scott played since IMDB only listed his credit as (voice).

Foofur 1987

Managed to locate the 13 episodes IMDB listed under Scott's credits and he was
listed in the credits in the episodes, I have yet to figure this one out.

Nothing Is Easy 1987

There was nothing easy about even finding a hint about this one!!

My Two Dads 1990

One would think that a popular show like this it would have been easy to locate one
episode but there was not even a Season 3 DVD release to purchase!

Goode Behavior 1996/97

Never could locate anything related to this series.

First Years 2001

Whatever I did locate about this one had nothing to do with the film!

Couples 2002

My quest for this film led me to porn, Hollywood couples still together but no film with Scott in it!

Mystery Woman: Vision of a Murder credit only

IMDB listed this under Scott's credits when in truth, the film did not list him.

The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange 2012

Managed to finally track down the episode IMDB said Scott was in. Nothing listed
in the credits for the episode and no Mr Donut within the episode. Talk about a strange show.

Winter's Tale credit only it seems 2014

Managed to track this one down with no mention of Scott in the credits, only on IMDB
and the only character even close to what they credited to him was in a long shot
and you could not see the driver. Plus the film was dark and it was night time
during the scene with the driver.

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This is only a fan site with a fan sharing her admiration for Scott Grimes and his awesome talents.
Created April 6, 2019